Niemi® found to be number one in the sector for the 14th time!

Niemi’s success in Taloustutkimus Oy's corporate image survey continues. Niemi is number one in the sector for the fourteenth consecutive time.


Respondents considered the most important factor in the selection of a removals company to be reliability, followed by professionalism. These are among Niemi’s biggest strengths. Good customer service, appropriate equipment and a variety of services are also valued. Respondents also gave us the best scores in these areas. Niemi continues to be a strong, well-known company in its sector in terms of its image overall.  

The survey asked respondents to evaluate nine different factors affecting corporate image: customer service, prices, communication/marketing, professionalism of personnel, reliability, suitability of transportation equipment, service variety, international connections and future outlooks.

In 2017, Niemi was ranked number one f. ex. in the following categories:
    • Most reliable in the sector
    • Best customer service
    • Most professional personnel
    • Most suitable transportation equipment
    • Most diverse range of services

      The corporate image survey is conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy independently, and the removals service sector has been studied since 2004. Niemi has been number one in the sector since the beginning.

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