Niemi Center

Niemi® Center – for companies and consumers

The Niemi® Center is located at the northern end of Hartwall Arena. The building serves partners and customers as a restaurant and meeting space in connection with events held at the arena.

The Niemi® Center is located in Central Pasila, along the busy Hakamäentie. The 4-storey annex has a total floor area of 2,800 square metres and it has been connected to the arena with a lower section. The architectural design was created by ARK-House Arkkitehdit Oy with Pentti Kareoja as the main architect.

All this and more at Niemi® Center

The first floor holds a 120-seat restaurant that serves customers during Hartwall Arena’s public events but also in connection with private events.

The large meeting facilities on the second floor are suitable for holding events with up to 250 participants and the space is also able to be divided into smaller rooms. The spaces can be used for many other purposes, such as various types of launch events and fashion shows.

The third floor is used as meeting and dining space.

The fourth floor holds a restaurant that can be booked for a variety of events with up to 150 people attending, including morning brunches, dinners and product launches. The food and drinks served are always tailored to the customer’s needs.

Inquiries and bookings:

Hartwall Arena Sales Service

+358 20 419 4101

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