Niemi® leads the way

Today customers demand clearer responsible actions from their service providers. As the market leader we also want to show the way in terms of responsibility. We have analysed the key aspects of our responsibility, decided on the principles guiding our responsibility and agreed on the indicators used to monitor and present the results.

Principles of responsible business practice

The principles of responsible business practice define the way our personnel operate. We follow these principles in everything we do.

Aspects defined in the principles:

  • Compliance with laws
  • Responsible financial management
  • Promotion of competition
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Customer relationships
  • Relationships with subcontractors and other partners
  • Good cooperation
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Implementation of the principles of responsible business practice

We specify this general code of conduct, where necessary, with more detailed principles and guidelines.

Environmental policy

As the market leader we want to be a pioneer in environmental protection and lead the way for other companies. We monitor the main environmental impacts of our work carefully, provide training to our staff and develop our practices based on the principle of continuous development to minimize the burden on the environment.

Staff principles

Our HR management is based on our company’s values and the principles of good business practice. Our success as a service company depends strongly on our employees’ motivation, satisfaction, expertise and service-minded attitude. We invest in the continuous development of these factors within our management. We measure the results and set new demanding objectives every year. Everyone working for our company is responsible for promoting a good workplace community.

For more information please read Niemi’s Principles of Corporate Responsibility -document

Safety and reliability

We take safety matters very seriously. The safety of both our customers and personnel is of paramount importance to us. We pay attention to the safety aspects of your move right from the beginning. The training of new employees as well as our Niemi® Moving Academy highlights safety through risk management and the use of tools.

Standardized uniforms and ID cards

You can identify Niemi staff from their red and grey uniforms and ID cards.

The standardized uniforms allow us to ensure that there are no outsiders in our customers’ facilities, except for our crew. All of our employees have an ID card visible for the purposes of identification. Our consistent and modern vehicles and other equipment together with our trained professionals ensure that our customers’ goods are transported from one location to another safely and quickly.

Occupational safety

Our employees have valid occupational safety cards. They know how to prevent possible hazardous situations in connection with a move and what to do if, for example, first aid is needed.

Background checks

We have a core group of movers who have undergone a limited background check. A limited background check can be conducted on a person who should be granted access to sensitive locations as part of their duties. We appoint a manager for each relocation project to be responsible for all activities and security. We have been relied on in various events with special security requirements, including Finland’s EU Presidency in 1999 and 2006 when we were in charge of handling the logistical challenges of the related meetings.

Moving equipment to improve security

We have always actively developed new equipment to make relocation projects easier and to improve the level of security. The lockable moving cabinet, Niemi0735for example, is the result of years of product development. Our lockable moving box and lid have been granted a patent and design protection. The lockable moving box ensures secure transportation of a company’s sensitive documents such as patient records or a private customer’s important documents. If necessary, we will take care of the destruction of paper documents with the help of our partners and in accordance with the applicable standards.

Security services

We also provide security services for the duration of a move or event. Security services may be needed when, for example, moving valuable items.

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