International moving glossary

Assessment visit

If necessary, a moving company’s specialist will make a visit to assess, for example, the number of boxes, equipment and crew needed for a move. Niemi’s assessment visit is offered free of charge.


If a mover breaks an item during a move, the customer is entitled to file a complaint with the company in question. There is variation in compensation policies depending on the moving company. Customers should be aware of their rights and thus they should go through the company’s terms of delivery before making an order.

Customs clearance services

Niemi can also take care of the customs clearance of a private individual’s belongings when moving abroad.


Desiccants with silica gel absorb excess moisture. They can be used, for example, to prevent mould in long-term storage and in connection with international moves.

Destruction certificate

Customers can order paper document destruction from Niemi. The destruction will be carried out with the help of our partners in a controlled and secure manner. A destruction certificate will be provided for the destroyed documents if the customer needs one.

Do-it-yourself move

The moving company provides the customer with moving boxes. The customer is responsible for packing and carrying their belongings. The moving van driver will load and unload the vehicle and take part in carrying the items. The customer will empty the boxes in the new location.

Extra services

You can reduce your burden by utilizing various extra services in connection with your move. They include a packing service, protection service, move-in and move-out cleaning and recycling services.


The Federation of European Movers Associations. Niemi is a member of FEDEMAC.


Niemi appoints a foreman for each move. The foreman is responsible for ensuring a successful move and acts as the movers’ supervisor.


The International Association of Movers. Niemi is a member of IAM.

Installation service

A separate service that can be ordered from a moving company. It includes, for example, the installation of household appliances and electronic devices, furniture assembly as well as hanging of pictures and mirrors. The installation service does not include special work such as electrical work.

Limited background check

A limited background check has been carried out on some of the Niemi employees. It means that, when performing their duties, they can be granted access to certain sensitive locations such as armed forces or police facilities.

Move coordinator

A move coordinator will attend to every step of the process, ensuring a safe and successful move.

Move-out cleaning

When moving, the old home must be cleaned for the new resident. Move-out cleaning is usually rather thorough, including floors, windows, shelves, cupboards, toilets, refrigerator, oven, drains etc.

Moving Academy

Niemi’s own training system to train skilled personnel.

Moving instructor

An instructor responsible for training and guiding new employees to become Niemi professionals. They also provide further training to current employees.

Notification of change of address

Everyone in Finland has a legal obligation to submit a notification of change of address. You can submit the notification at your local register office or online. Also remember to inform Posti of the change of address so that your mail will be sent to the right address.

Packing list

A general list of the goods to be transported should be prepared before a move for the purposes of customs clearance (e.g. 20 kg of clothes, a bed, dishes etc.). If you use our packing service, our packers will automatically prepare a packing list of the goods being packed.

Packing service

Moving companies often offer a separate packing service, in which case the staff will pack all of the customer’s belongings ready for them to be moved.

Protection service

In addition to packing services, a moving company can also provide a protection service. In this case the company will protect all sensitive surfaces, such as floors and walls, in the customer’s home as well as the surfaces in the hallway and lift for the duration of a move. In addition, couches, beds and other large pieces of furniture can be protected to prevent damage.

Quote for a move

You can ask a moving company to give a quote for your move. You should always go through the quote carefully and make sure that it includes all the services you need and that the date and other details are correct. Further tips for moving abroad are available on the Niemi website.

Recycling service

Recycling services can be ordered separately through a moving company. The moving company will then be responsible for recycling your unwanted furniture, household appliances and other items in an appropriate and environmentally friendly manner.

Reinforced bubble wrap

Two-layered bubble wrap that is used for protecting fragile items for the duration of a move. 

Sea container

A shipping container which can be moved from one mode of transportation to another without unloading and reloading the cargo. The containers are usually made of steel with a plywood floor. The containers are used in road, rail, air and sea freight. They are stackable as well as easy to move and fasten to the means of transportation.


When moving, there may, for example, be a need to store some belongings that do not fit into the new home but should not be thrown out either. Niemi offers proper storage facilities approved by an insurance company. There is variation in prices between different service providers.

Stretch film

Stretch film, also known as stretch wrap, is used like tape, for example, to close cabinet doors by wrapping it around the cabinet.

Tailored move

Each move can be tailored to cover exactly the services that the customer needs, for example packing and storage services. The customer will choose the services required and only pay for them, not anything extra.

Triple bubble wrap

Three-layered bubble wrap that is used for protecting fragile items for the duration of a move.

Wardrobe box

All clothes on hangers, such as suits and dresses, can be easily transported in a wardrobe box. They will not wrinkle and do not have to be packed in additional bags or boxes. For more information about our wardrobe boxes, visit our online store.

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