Tips for moving to or from Finland

What should you pay attention to when moving to or from Finland?

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Request for a quote

  • Contact us well in advance, approximately 1-3 months before the desired date of moving, so that we have enough time to take care of all details.
  • We recommend that you use our contact form so that we will have all the details required to give a quote and that foreign names and addresses are correct.
  • If necessary, we can do an assessment visit free of charge to assess the amount of goods to be moved as well as the extent of services required.
  • We will give our quote in Finnish, Swedish or English, as per our agreement.
  • After your approval of our quote, we will agree on the schedule and confirm the practical arrangements in advance.
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Sorting through belongings

You should reserve enough time to sort through your belongings. You should consider which items you still need and which ones should be recycled. You should also consider whether you are going to need storage space for your belongings in the country of destination. What are the items that your family will need immediately and which ones can wait? Children’s important toys and other familiar items, for example, can make it easier to feel at home in a new country.

You should inform us well in advance of your possible new tax-free purchases for the customs procedures. You should also take into consideration Finland’s possible export restrictions as well as the import restrictions in your destination country. Check the Finnish Customs instructions regarding persons moving to Finland. You should also take into account the possible export restrictions in your departure country if it is not Finland.

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Packing of belongings

We always recommend that our customers use our packing service. Our packers have received the required training and they use appropriate packing and protection equipment. In some cases it is not even recommended to do the packing independently to ensure a smooth import clearance. Especially in connection with sea and air freight you should let the moving company’s packers do the work because of various liability issues. If necessary, our partner companies will take care of packing and protecting your belongings.

However, if you do decide to do the packing yourself, you should follow our instructions for residential moves. Please note that plastic moving boxes are not suitable for international moves. Check out our selection of packing supplies in our NiemiShop. We would also like to remind you that if you pack your own belongings, it is common practice in many countries that an independent packer will then also be responsible for insuring their belongings. You should always check the policy with your insurance company.

Certain items such as chandeliers, pianos and valuable artworks require special protection. If necessary, we can make separate wooden crates and protection solutions for a variety of items.

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Other tips

If possible, you should provide the moving company with a floor plan of your new home. You should consider in advance where you want to place specific pieces of furniture and other items in your new home. Inform the packing team of your wishes so that they can equip your goods with the required labelling. This will also make it easier for you to find what you are looking for after the move. You should also mark the spots in the floor plan so that the items can be carried to the right places in your new home.

The cleaning of your new or old home can be done conveniently in connection with a move. If necessary, we can take care of the cleaning for you.

You should reserve enough parking space for the moving van at the latest one day before your move, especially if there is not much space in the yard or street. Easy access to the location will make the process quicker. We can also take care of these arrangements for you.

Once in Finland, the contents of the container will be unloaded either at our storage facility or in the customer’s yard. The unloading location depends, for example, on the whether there is space for the container in the customer’s yard. When unloading the container, we will check that each package matches the packing list entries before carrying the items into your new home.

You should also check the frequently asked questions (FAQ) as you may find answers to your questions there.

Information about Finland as well as public and other services can be found at

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team!

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