Rent boxes to make your move easier

Moving boxes speed up your move

Select our durable and inexpensive moving boxes. They have been specifically designed for moving purposes and are equipped with handles. They will make your move quicker and protect your belongings from dirt and damage.

Stackable boxes save space

Our moving boxes are stackable, thus taking up less space in your home and allowing you to move them easily with a hand truck. The capacity of a moving van can also be utilized more efficiently when, for example, beds or mattresses can be loaded directly on top of stacks of moving boxes. Visit our NiemiShop to check out our selection of moving boxes.

Choose the right number of moving boxes

You will on average need one box per square metre of your home. For example, one box has enough space for approximately one metre of books on a shelf. Moving boxes, other equipment and supplies are available through our NiemiKauppa where you can also see our delivery and pick-up rates as well as city/town-specific delivery times. You can have your moving boxes delivered and picked up at a reasonable price or you can pick them up from one of our locations and return them to another location if it is more convenient for you.

Boxes with a cleanliness guarantee

Niemi’s moving boxes come with a cleanliness guarantee. Our boxes are mechanically washed after each move, so they are always clean for the next user. In addition to dishes, books and other items you can, for example, pack your clothes and bed linen in our clean boxes.

Lockable moving boxes for confidential documents

Designed for corporate moves, our lockable moving boxes allow you to securely transfer, for example, personnel or patient records to a new location. Our product selection also includes a lockable moving cabinet for large-scale archive moves.

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