Moving checklist

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One month before your move:

  • If you live in a rented home, remember to terminate your lease.
  • If you are selling your old home, change the owner of the electricity connection and, if necessary, request a quote for the electricity contract for your new home.
  • Notify your employer of your new address and request a day off for your move.
  • If you have children, find out about the day care services and schools in your new area. Enrol your children in their new day care centre and/or school.
  • Check if your new home is in a terrestrial or cable network area.
  • Contact Niemi to arrange an assessment visit. The assessment visit is free and not binding in any way. Alternatively you can ask Niemi to give a quote. Our professionals are able to assess the required number of movers and boxes so you can be sure that there will not be any surprises in your bill. You can request a quote at a later point too, but this way you can ensure that you get the right moving day.
  • Get rid of unwanted items or sell them at a flea market. Take advantage of Niemi’s recycling services. 
  • Get proper moving boxes through our NiemiShop. Did you know that only our moving boxes come with a cleanliness guarantee?
  • Conclude a new electricity contract.
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Two weeks before your move:

  • If you are moving into a house, remember to conclude a water supply and waste management contract. If your home has oil heating, make sure that there is enough oil.
  • Notify your internet service provider of your new address to make sure that you will have internet access ready when you move.
  • Notify your insurance company of your new address and the details of your new home and check if your home insurance covers the move. If not, take out moving insurance through Niemi.
  • Submit a notification of change of address conveniently online at You are required by law to submit the notification no later than one week after your move. You can also do it in advance, at the earliest one month before the moving day. The system will automatically convey your address to various organizations, including Kela, Tax Administration, Finnish Transport Safety Agency, parishes and Defence Administration. In addition, many banks, insurance companies, pension institutions, associations, companies as well as newspaper and magazine publishers will be informed of your new address through the Population Information System.
  • Begin cleaning your old home.
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One week before your move:

  • Pack the items that you will not need before your move.
  • Clean your sauna. Repair anything that requires repair.
  • If you are moving out of town, get a new tax tag for your dog.
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A couple of days before your move:

  • Notify your old home’s maintenance company or your building manager of your move. 
  • Clean your new home. It also makes sense to clean the windows in your new home in connection with the move-in cleaning. Niemi offers cleaning services if you need them.
  • Protect floors and corners from damage. Bubble wrap, floor protection paper, corner protectors etc. are available through our NiemiShop.
  • Prepare a plan for your new home or have someone act as a guide to show where the boxes and furniture belong.
  • Check the smoke detectors in your new home.
  • Check your new home thoroughly and notify the landlord or building manager of any problems as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check the basement and storage facilities.
  • Take tools, toilet paper and some snacks to your new home.
  • Pack everything that you are not going to need on the day of your move. If you booked a full service move from Niemi, you will not have to do this.
  • However, if you are going to pack everything yourself:
  • Pack pictures, mirrors and other similar fragile items in cardboard or bubble wrap. You can also buy a picture box from our NiemiShop.
  • Wrap dishes, china and decorative items in protective paper which is available through NiemiKauppa.
  • Wrap ceiling lights etc. in plastic/corrugated board etc. Place them in a box. It may be possible to hang large lights somewhere in the vehicle.
  • Protect sensitive furniture such as couches, mattresses and armchairs with bags available from our NiemiKauppa.
  • Pack pillows, blankets and clothes in large plastic bags. Tape the bags shut. Plastic bags and tapes are also available from NiemiShop.
  • Mark all furniture, boxes etc. clearly. Labelling will make it easier to take the items to the right rooms, thus speeding up the move. Labels are available from our NiemiShop.
  • Furniture etc. that is not to be moved to the new home should be marked clearly (for example “NOT TO BE MOVED”). 
  • Empty dressers and cabinets. Tape the doors shut or lock them.
  • Place your belongings in moving boxes. Boxes can be rented from our NiemiShop. 
  • Take large pieces of furniture apart if possible.
  • Protect flowers and plants with fabric or plastic bags. Suitable bags are available from NiemiShop.
  • Protect clothes on hangers with a plastic bag. It may be possible to hang them somewhere in the vehicle (depending on the vehicle).
  • Disconnect washing machine etc. and fasten the cords properly to the frame with tape.
  • Pack personal hygiene products, keys, clothes, kids’ bedtime toys and other important items in a suitcase so that you will find them quickly once in your new home.

Reserve parking space for the moving van on the day before your move or contact the maintenance company for assistance. You can also ask Niemi to reserve a parking space in advance.

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Day of your move:

  • Make sure that there is space for the moving van outside of your front door.
  • Keep a plan of your new home in a visible place or have someone as a guide to show where boxes and furniture belong.
  • Clean your old home once all the belongings have been moved to your new home. You can also book move-out cleaning through Niemi and it entitles you to a tax credit for household expenses.
  • If you have user manuals for the household appliances that will be left in your old home (e.g. stove or refrigerator), it is polite to leave them there for the next resident.
  • Give the key to the building manager or new owner of the home.
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Enjoy your new home!

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