Work continues even when the location of your chair changes

A successful move begins with careful planning. During a free planning and assessment visit our specialist will determine your company’s moving conditions, amount of goods as well as the extent of moving services required.

All corporate moving services from one place

We address all projects promptly, always serving and listening to the customer. We will take care of all practical arrangements related to your move. The moving process will run smoothly without interfering with your company’s day-to-day operations.

A reliable partner for public service procurement

The most important selection criterion in public service procurement is the quality of service and determination of quality. With us you can always trust the quality of service as the condition of our transportation vehicles, the experience of our drivers and movers as well as the reliability of our service meet even the strictest requirements.

Corporate moves

Our specialized corporate move teams take care of all practical arrangements before, during and after a move. The moving process will thus run smoothly without interfering with your company’s day-to-day operations. Read more

All services from one place

A successful move begins with planning

A successful corporate move does not interrupt your company’s operational capacity at any point and thus it is essential to plan the move carefully in advance.

Our specialists are happy to make a moving assessment at your company’s facilities. The purpose of the assessment visit is to determine the moving conditions, amount of goods as well as the extent of moving services required. This allows you to save on costs and speed up the moving process considerably.

The assessment and planning visit is offered to your company free of charge.

In control of even the smallest details

A corporate move is a project that requires careful attention to detail and schedule management. We tailor each move to each customer’s individual needs.

Our experienced specialists make sure that even the smallest details are taken into consideration in the move plan, including recycling, storage, device connections and so on. Through careful planning we ensure that your move is carried out in a cost-effective manner. We prepare the schedules, provide instructions and minimize any safety risks.

Everything runs smoothly through a designated contact person

We will designate a contact person for your company’s move and they will be responsible for planning and implementing the move as well as for reporting to you on all matters related to the move.

We will carry out your company’s move in accordance with the planned schedule and once everything has been moved to the new location, we will take care of the basic installation of terminal equipment as well as furniture assembly. Thus everything will be ready and your company can continue its normal operations immediately after the move.

You get all services from one place. Our service also covers, if necessary, the relocation of archives, all furniture and spatial solutions, recycling, storage, device connections, security and other related solutions.


Public administration

We offer the most reliable services, meeting even the strictest requirements. Read more

Our resources will not run out

The most important selection criteria in public service procurement are the quality of service and determination of quality. The reliability of our services meets even the strictest requirements.

It has been proven that we offer the most reliable service in our industry. Our consistent and modern vehicles and other equipment together with our trained professionals ensure that our customers’ goods are transported from one location to another safely and quickly.

With us you can be sure that moving vans, movers or moving boxes will not run out anytime soon.

Niemi® is a responsible and safe partner

The safety of both our personnel and the customer is of paramount importance to us. We have defined the principles of responsible business practice with regard to our staff and environmental policy.

Recycling makes sense

Did you know that our recycling system produces no landfill waste? Our aim is to minimize the environmental impact of the recycled materials and to utilize all waste primarily as a material and secondarily as energy, thus producing no landfill waste to burden the environment.

Our company is also included in the Reliable Partner program. Niemi Palvelut Oy’s report is available free of charge through the service.

Pay attention to your request for quotation!

A properly prepared request for quotation ensures that you will be provided with the kind of services your procurement unit needs and to the extent required. Thus you will not end up selecting a service provider who may offer the lowest price but whose service quality and reliability do not meet your expectations.

If your procurement unit defines its selection criterion to be that of the economically most advantageous tender instead of just price, you will have a relatively wide discretion as to the criteria you will use when assessing your choice.

Five tips for tendering:
  1. Invest in your request for quotation – it is worth it!
  2. The economically most advantageous tender or the lowest price? A price is rarely the best indicator when comparing tenders.
  3. Make sure that the company is responsible: the Contractor’s Liability Act applies when work is contracted out!
  4. Pay attention to the safety and security of your move: information security, safety of people & occupational health and safety. Having the same crew throughout the move increases the level of safety!
  5. Recycling: make sure that the company meets the requirements of the Waste Act.

Tailored services

We have the expertise and resources to react to rapidly changing situations. Read more

Quick response in a surprising situation

The need for services may not be constant as situations often occur unexpectedly. We have the expertise and resources to react to rapidly changing situations. Our services are always tailored for each customer and they can be continuous or take the form of an individual project, depending on the customer’s needs.

Whether you are dealing with the rearrangement of spaces, interior design, storage cleaning, archive services or furniture inventory, you will always find the right person for the job from among our 900 professionals.

 We provide you with all these services:

  • Spatial arrangements: Changes in the division of space and placing of workstations
  • Internal moves: Moves between floors and other internal organization changes within premises
  • Furniture changes: Furniture inventory and management, planning and documentation services
  • Archive and storage services: Archive and storage cleaning, facility services
  • Recycling services: Recycling of movables used in business premises

Security with special equipment

We are constantly developing special equipment to be used in our relocation projects. As a result of this development work we have created, for example, the lockable moving box lid as well as the moving cabinet. Read more

Move confidential material securely with proper equipment

Lockable moving boxes ensure security

A moving box with a lockable lid protects the contents from prying eyes.

The lockable lid is Niemi’s own patented invention with EU design protection and it allows you to lock our regular moving box. A lockable moving box is important when moving, for example, confidential material.

Machines and archive materials into a moving cabinet

The moving cabinet is a transportation solution designed and developed by Niemi. The cabinet has a protected design and it is well suited for transporting computers, televisions and other devices.

One lockable moving cabinet holds, for example, approx. ten PCs and their screens. The devices can be placed conveniently on the shelves and the padding will protect the contents from damage. The cabinet shelves can be adjusted depending on the size of the contents.

The person moving the cabinet does not have to be superman because the wheels make it easy to move from one place to another.

Our cabinets can also be used for moving archive materials. One moving cabinet roughly holds as many A4 binders as six metres of regular shelf space. Our moving cabinets have also been successfully used in moving large archives. We have moved, on behalf of Statistics Finland, archive material that took over 14,000 metres of shelve space as well as confidential material from the Military Medical Archive covering 9,000 metres of shelf space.

Niemi0735Other rental equipment and moving supplies

For more information about our rental prices as well as equipment and their use, please visit our NiemiStore.

Furniture and spatial plans

We are a reliable and competent partner for all work space and furniture changes. Read more

New furniture solutions

Should you have the need, we can provide you with a furniture and spatial plan. We will determine how the existing furniture could be utilized in the new location and what kind of new furniture is needed. Our spatial plan includes a layout of the new space with the customer’s furniture.

Do not hesitate to contact us when your company needs prompt and flexible services in connection with different furniture changes.


Recycling services

Our recycling system allows your company to save on recycling fees. All recyclable materials are primarily reused and secondarily utilized as energy, thus producing no landfill waste to burden the environment. Read more

A responsible company recycles correctly

No landfill waste!

Our recycling system complies with the key principles of Finnish waste management. Our aim is to minimize the environmental impact of the recycled materials.

All recyclable materials are primarily reused and secondarily utilized as energy, thus producing no landfill waste to burden the environment.

Our system includes safe document destruction and therefore we also recycle confidential materials safely. The documents will remain protected throughout the process from picking up and emptying the container all the way to the final handling of the shreds.

Our recycling system covers:
  • Recycling of furniture and office equipment
  • Recycling of paper and cardboard
  • Document destruction and recycling
  • Recycling of plastic
  • Recycling of electronic waste

Our recycling service can be combined with your company’s move, allowing you to obtain both moving and recycling services through one partner.

Enjoy major benefits by choosing us as your recycling partner:
  • We sort the materials to be recycled in accordance with the order of priority described in the Waste Act.
  • Our cost-effective approach enables savings in waste fees.
  • We have a clear pricing model so you will know the recycling costs in advance.
  • Our recycling reporting makes it easy for you to follow the final processing of your order, the amount of devices to be recycled as well as the recycling schedule.
  • Our service can be flexibly scaled up from one chair to recycling all office movables.

Storage services

Our storage services are flexible according to your needs and there is no minimum time for storage or capacity limits. Read more

Storage services for your company’s needs

We at Niemi® offer storage services that meet your company’s individual needs. Our storage spaces in six different cities have been approved by an insurance company. Our storage spaces have been specifically designed for storing movables.

Storage time is flexible according to your needs. You will only pay for the actual storage days in accordance with the volume of goods. We have no minimum time for storage or capacity limits. You can use our storage space for just one day or for several years.

Cost-effective storage services

Companies rarely have space for storing extra furniture or other items, but it would not make sense to throw them away either, would it? Business premises are also expensive and they have not been designed for storage purposes, thus making it basically impossible to use them efficiently as storage space. 

We offer a cost-effective solution to this problem.

Outsource your storage needs to us

You can outsource all your storage needs to us. We also provide a furniture assembly service when delivering your goods back to you.

  • We pick up your furniture and other items and take them to the Niemi storage facility.

  • We protect the items for the storage period.

  • We deliver the items back to you if necessary.

    For more information about our storage services, please contact our sales service.

Moving of safes

We also move and transport heavy safes in a professional manner. Read more

We move even the heaviest safes

We can also handle the moving and transportation of heavy safes. We have the required tools such as rubber wheel trolleys and stair climbers, allowing our staff to carry out their work safely and efficiently.

Planning is the key

Transportation and installation of a safe takes time. Therefore a careful plan should be prepared well in advance. As part of the planning, we will examine the load-bearing capacity of floors, number of stairs on the way to the front door, lift and premises, stair structures and load-bearing capacities, lift capacity and possibility of overloading as well as corridor widths and door heights. In other words, there are many aspects to consider. So please contact our customer service early.


Archive moves

Our trained professionals take care of an entire archive move process with reliability and efficiency acquired through years of experience. If you want, you can outsource the entire process to us, including archiving. Read more

Archive moves from A to Z

Archive moves require particular precision. Each company may have confidential materials that must be moved with extra care. With us this is easy. Our trained professionals take care of the entire archive move process with reliability and efficiency acquired through years of experience. If you want, you can outsource the entire process to us, including archiving.

Tools for a safe archive move

We are constantly developing our equipment and practices. As a result of this development work we have created, for example, the lockable moving box as well as the moving cabinet with wheels, both with protected designs. These solutions allow you to keep even the most sensitive materials in a safe place.

Before the actual move, we prepare a detailed plan to ensure that your archive move will run safely and on schedule. Our plan takes into consideration the division of labour and responsibilities, the required equipment, archive labelling, scheduling, security, guidance and routes.

Safe destruction of old archives

A move offers a good opportunity to go through your old archives and destroy all unnecessary materials. Thus you will not fill your new facility with old documents that are no longer needed. If necessary, we can take care of the destruction of your old archives safely and professionally.

Get a price quote on corporate moving services

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